GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
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Effective Weight Management with GU3G™ Anthocyanin

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In our other article, we mentioned 5 key benefits of GU3G™ and today we will share more about one of the mentioned benefits.


Sometimes we wonder, why do some people’s food intake turn to muscle with minimal body fat, while others on the same diet gain more body fat and minimal muscle? Apparently, there is a mechanism in our body responsible for this phenomenon and it is often referred to as Nutrient Partitioning. It is the process by which the body decides what to do with the energy it gets from each food intake. Sure, everybody's body mechanism might vary a little to a certain degree, but generally, we know that nutrients from food we eat are either burned or stored for future use in our body. So ideally, we want a maximum amount of all those nutrients to be partitioned to our muscle as opposed to body fat. This is a key factor of success in any sustainable weight management program.




GU3G™ contains a highly-bioavailable (i.e., high absorption rate by the body) extraction of Anthocyanin and Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (C3G), a highly potent nutrient-partitioning anthocyanin which exists in the highest quantities in purple corn. Studies have shown C3G to profoundly increase the insulin sensitivity of muscle cells while decreasing the insulin sensitivity of fat cells, meaning in simple terms, C3G was found to inhibit fat storage cells from working while at the same time encouraged muscle cells to actively seek nutrients from food intake.

What Does This All Mean?

Recent scientific research strongly suggests that the keys to a sustainable weight management program includes maintaining lean muscle mass while achieving normal metabolic rates. In a nutshell, following a proper weight management or regular exercise routine while consuming C3G at the same time will get you a significant outcome from your effort put in. Food and beverages dosed with GU3G™ produces an efficacious outcome with just a daily serving size of 300mg or more as preferred. GU3G™ is well poised to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

    Stay tuned to future articles as we discuss and share all about our GU3G™ Anthocyanin and it's 'a-maize-ing" benefits!

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