GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
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The GU3G™ Difference - Validated Grade

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Aren't They All The Same?

Purple corn extracts are commercially available today; however, there are variations to specifications and not all companies are capable of providing exact data (eg. information on exact origin and specific anthocyanin types). It is important to note that because not all purple corn have the same levels of antioxidant properties, hence not all commercial purple corn extract give rise to the same therapeutic outcomes. To make matters more confusing, not all published values on specification sheets make for apple-to-apple comparisons due to the difference in test protocols adopted. It is important to note that established regulators such as South Korea's FDA (MFDS - Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) does not approve the use of “UV-VIS” method for analysis as it is deemed to be neither accurate nor consistent enough for measuring anthocyanin levels, amongst other factors. Yet most commercial powder extract uses the UV-VIS method for analysis without disclosing test protocols.


So What Does "Validated Grade" Mean?

Consumer trust in functional nutrition is vital for both the industry’s and consumers' long-term success. With that goal in mind, we have invested in improving processes and protocols to ensure Purity, Safety, Quality and Potency for our GU3G™ Purple Corn Powder Extract product. With our Validated Grade range, we are elevating consumer confidence to new levels:

The GU3G™ Difference

GU3G™ is produced using a proprietary efficacy-boosting technology that increases the concentration of C3G in the body when orally administered. Our GU3G™ Anthocyanin and C3G values (as published below) are derived from liquid chromatography techniques in accordance with Korea FDA (Ministry of Drug and Food Safety - MFDS) guidelines.

  • PRODUCT PURITY (typical values)
 GU3G™ is derived from our proprietary F1 purple corn strain and production is vertically-integrated, from owning our own plantations in Korea, to the extraction, validation and manufacturing into the final product.

  • PRODUCT SAFETY (typical values)

Foreign material





Not detected

0.0    ( KFDA requirement: < 5mg/kg)

0.0    ( KFDA requirement: < 150mg/kg)

0.0    ( KFDA requirement: < 20mg/kg)

0.0    ( KFDA requirement: < 0.5mg/kg)


  • PRODUCT QUALITY (typical values)

Yeast and Mold

Total plate count



< 10 CFU/g  ( KFDA requirement: < 10 CFU/g )

< 10 CFU/g  ( KFDA requirement: < 1,000 CFU/g )

Negative       ( KFDA requirement: negative )

Negative       ( KFDA requirement: negative )


  • PRODUCT POTENCY (typical values)


Cyanidin-3-glucoside (“C3G”) *

> 11%

> 1.0 g/100g

* As validated by accredited laboratories such as the Maize Research Institute (South Korea) using protocols approved by MFDS

Stay tuned to our articles where we will update you on more amazing results from our in-house research and development work on our GU3G™ Anthocyanin!


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