GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
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The C3G Co.


The C3G Co. believes in living healthy, the natural way. As a health-centric and dynamic company, we constantly look for like-minded and innovative partners and suppliers to bring you all-natural foods and products that make a positive difference to your diet and daily lifestyle.


We are extremely pleased to have found in GU Life Sciences (S) Pte Ltd, partners who passionately involve themselves directly into extensive research and development with reknowned institutes such as the:

  • Seoul National University (Wide River Institute of Immunology),
  • Gangwon-Do Agriculture Research and Extension Services,
  • Maize Research Institute (South Korea).


This belief in the goodness of nature and longstanding perseverance has culminated into the birth of our patented flagship product – the GU3G Purple Corn Powder Extract which is well positioned to provide the community with many validated health benefits.


Our journey has just started, and we welcome you to join our growing community as we make new and amazing discoveries about what nature has to offer.



- The C3G CO.