GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
GU3G™ Anthocyanin - Validated Grade Purple Corn Powder Extract
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Our GU3G™ Anthocyanin


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The word “anthocyanin” comes from the Greek words of anthos (meaning flower) and kyanos (meaning dark blue). Anthocyanin is an antioxidant-rich dark pigment that runs the range from dark red, to blue, indigo, and deep violet depending on the acidity level of the pigment itself. Examples of fruits, plants and vegetables that contain anthocyanin are cherries, red/black grapes and eggplants.


Over the years, much research has been conducted to better understand the health benefits through the consumption of Purple Corn and the outcome was the discovery of an unusually high content of Anthocyanin. In fact, Purple Corn contains one of the highest levels of a particular Anthocyanin called Cyanidin-3-Glucoside—commonly known as “C3G”, which has been found to contribute greatly to the significant health benefits often attributed to Purple Corn.



The comparative Anthocyanin levels of Purple Corn against some other popular blue/purple foods, is shown below (in mg per 100 g):


Having understood the potential that anthocyanin in purple corn could bring to the health supplement and food industry, we worked with experts from South Korea who developed a unique F1 strain Purple Corn that yields the highest level of Anthocyanin and C3G.  A patented extraction method was then used to produce GU3G™ Anthocyanin in a convenient fine powder format for easy consumption.